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Andrew Coghlan

Andrew Coghlan

Australian Red Cross

Andrew brings over 20 years experience in the emergency management sector. His current role is as Head of Emergency Services with Australian Red Cross, overseeing the national Emergency Services function, and ensuring Australian Red Cross' ability to promote resilience and build community capacity, both in preparation for and response to disasters throughout Australia. 

Andrew has played a pivotal role in: 

  • The development of Red Cross’ Emergency REDiPlan project, a four step household preparation program aimed at fostering individual and community resilience throughout Australia 
  • Coordinating the Red Cross response to a range of major emergencies and disasters, including Cyclone Larry (2006), the Black Saturday Victorian Bushfires (2009), Queensland Floods and Cyclone Yasi (2011) and the 2019/20 Bushfires. 
  • The development of Red Cross leadership role in long term, community based recovery. 

Andrew has also contributed to the development of the IFRC Global Resilience Strategy and is a key contributor to the work of the Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience & Safer Communities. 

Prior to joining Red Cross, Andrew was the National Recovery Consultant with Emergency Management Australia, providing advice to both State and Federal governments following a range of emergencies and playing a key role in coordinating recovery assistance to Australians impacted by events such as the Boxing Day 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. 

A graduate of the Williamson Leadership Program, Andrew is Chair of the Australian Emergency Management Volunteer Forum, a Board member of Volunteering Victoria and the Creative Recovery Network, a former Board member of Volunteering Australia and Asia Australia Mental Health, and a past Vice-President of the International Research Committee on Disasters.