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Andrew Dowdy

Dr Andrew Dowdy

Bureau of Meteorology

Andrew's research is focused on extreme weather phenomena and the physical processes influencing their risk of occurrence. He investigates wildfires, thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and Australian east coast lows, as well as associated severe conditions (lightning, hail, pyroconvection, extreme precipitation, wind and ocean waves). This includes temporal scales from short-term weather conditions up to long-term seasonal and climate scales, based on observations as well as modelling. 

This focus on extreme events builds on a number of research projects he has led in recent years, including for the Australian Climate Change Science Program (ACCSP), Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP) and Bushfire CRC, as well as leading the East Coast regional assessment of the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology climate projections project: Climate Change in Australia 

He is currently the Lead Chief Investigator managing the Extreme Weather Projections research project of the National Environmental Science Programme (NESP), with research team members from CSIRO, BoM, Uni. Melbourne, UNSW, Uni. Queensland and Federation Uni., to help build preparedness and resilience in relation to extreme weather events. He also leads research projects in the BNHCRC on seasonal prediction of fire danger and in the Electricity Sector Climate Information (ESCI) project.