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Berinda Karp

Berinda Karp

Autism STEP Australia

Berinda Karp is the CEO of Autism STEP Australia. She has 35 years’ experience working with people who identify as neurodiverse. She has 27 years at TAFE (vocational education), the community and private consultancy. 

The evidence-based methodology she uses is unique and often unconventional. The person centred and individual based approach looks at prioritizing the persons goals and needs to achieve positive life changing outcomes such as reduced anxiety increased independence. 

Much of Berinda’s insights are gained from listening to autistic voices. 

The Ask me what I need, Autism awareness project for emergency services was developed from an unmet need in the community. The grant for the project was under OEM (now Resilience). Berinda was the project manager. 

This project won the 2020 Community Awards for both New South Wales and at the Australian National level.