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Celeste Young

Celeste Young

Victoria University

Celeste specialises in high impact, end user research, focusing on management of risk and decision making. She undertakes collaborative research with industry, community and government stakeholders using her methodology of 'working from the inside out' - a systems-based approach which embeds research into decision-making systems through a process of continuous learning, which builds capability.   

Since joining Victoria University in 2012, she had led projects for stakeholders who include: City of Melbourne, Victorian Centre of Climate Change Adaptation Research and the Department of Transport (Vic). For the last seven years she has been part of the BNHCRC and led the development of a Risk Ownership Framework for Policy and Practice and the Diversity and Inclusion: Building strength and capability project.   

Her work is used in by practitioners and policy makers here and overseas and been featured in state and federal policy. She has received awards for research communications and stakeholder engagement and advised into government on climate change communication and practice and end user research.   

Previously she worked as an Executive Officer (Western Alliance of Greenhouse Action), a Quality Assurance Officer (BAE Systems), a consultant and a member of the Research Advisory Committee for the Australian Institute of Financial Studies