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Deborah O'Connell

Deborah O'Connell


Deb has taken leading roles across a range of projects in climate adaptation and disaster resilience including the Australian Vulnerability Profile, the Strategic Guidance to Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction, resilience narratives and a Resilience Checklist for Queensland, and currently the Enabling Resilience Investment Pathfinder project. 

Deborah has expertise in systems leadership, and providing quality, contemporary scientific approaches to complex real world problems, and translating research to impact. She takes a systems approach and enjoys working with people to build strong connections between scientists; those who make decisions in business, government and NGOs; and the communities that care about the issues at stake.  She has built many successful partnerships with a range of people and organisations, and focusses on achieving outcomes through a deep understanding of the process of change, and collaboration with those who can help achieve it. She uses creative and ethical approaches to collaboration and co-design across science, arts, humanities and policy. She has strong facilitation skills, and is the Lead Facilitator for the Homeward Bound program – a global initiative for leadership of women in STEMM.