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Jasmin Jones-Calvert

Jasmin Jones-Calvert

Australian Red Cross

Jasmin Jones-Calvert is a Resilience Project Officer for Red Cross Emergency Services NSW, Prior to this she was a Red Cross Volunteer for six years. Jasmin is passionate about equipping young people with the tools and support to take the initiative and lead on issues that resonate with them. She understands that young people feel the everyday pressures of carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, but aims to ease this by working with them to realise small changes add to the bigger picture. 

Jasmin is a trainer and facilitator and has a varying background that ranges from Mental Health First Aid, Psychological first aid through to Preparedness work with Children. She understands the diversity of conversation that expands from young children to the elderly and connects on a mutual level to meet the unique needs of each client individually. 

Jasmin came on board as a volunteer in the initial community engagements that led to the creation of Community-led Resilience Teams. She worked with community to build relationships and mutual trust between combat agencies to empower communities to prepare for the next emergency both physically and psychologically and assist communities to lead their own recovery in working alongside welfare agencies.