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Julia Kiss

Miss Julia Kiss

Surf Life Saving NSW

Following her initial studies and career as a biomedical researcher, Julia found herself gradually inching further down the path of community and public education and engagement. Julia has grown her passion, interest and experience in education and community outreach through her varied roles across a number of disciplines, including the sciences, medicine, medical research, mental health and now public safety and coastal education. Julia’s outside of the box thinking within the community education space has seen her presented with a number of community outreach awards and the successful publication of education based research papers.  Her current role managing community education across Surf Life Saving NSW has seen Julia review and reimagine what it means to educate the community on public safety and she has developed a strong focus on the most at-risk communities, inclusive of those from refugee and new migrant backgrounds. Julia is passionate about seeing education developed to maximise its ability as a preventative measure and is driven to ensure that all communities have the ability to access education that is relevant, meaningful and engaging to them. Julia is committed to continually improving the way we engage, educate and empower communities to keep themselves, and their friends and families safe and well.