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Kris Newton

Kris Newton

Mountains Community Resource Network

Since 2012, Kris has been Manager at MCRN, the peak body for the Community sector in the Blue Mountains; in this role convening and supporting a range of interagencies and networks, developing policy, undertaking advocacy, etc. Kris spent 40 years in Canberra – first in teaching, in several Federal Government agencies, her own consultancy business, and in the management of national NFP peaks.  Following both the 2013 and 2019-20 Blue Mountains bushfires, Kris Chaired the Wellbeing (Psychosocial) Recovery sub-committee, and (since 2014) the cross-sectoral Resilience & Preparedness Group; she is now a permanent Observer (representing the community sector) on the BM Local Emergency Management Committee.  Kris is a passionate advocate for community-led resilience and recovery, and for the effective resourcing of local placed-based organisations trusted by community.