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Naomi Withers

Ms Naomi Withers

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Naomi Withers is Senior Product Advisor – Emergency Management Spatial Systems in the Technology Solutions Unit in Forest Fire and Regions in DELWP. She has worked in the department for 20 years in biodiversity, then land use planning at the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council and ISD where she built a new public land dataset for Victoria, before moving into Fire and Emergency Management. Prior to DELWP she worked at SA Water. 

She manages a small team of spatial professionals who have built and manage eMap the operational mapping tool for emergency response in Victoria. The team are innovative always pushing the boundaries of the systems functionality, and have now built sites for Bushfire, water emergencies, planned burning, hazmat and recovery. 

Naomi has had a mapping officer role since 2003 and runs the mapping officer training jointly with CFA. Currently Naomi is co-chair of EMSINA and has been an active member for 7 years.  She has previously been chair of the GIS working group in Victoria and is currently chair of the statewide mapping committee in Victoria.  She is a member of the AFAC data group helping drive improvements in Fire history mapping.