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Renae Hanvin

Renae Hanvin


Renae Hanvin is a proactive driver of business sector contribution towards a disaster resilient future – by doing disasters differently. 

Founder of certified social enterprise, corporate2community, Renae advocates and activates for greater ‘shared responsibility’ by bringing a multi-stakeholder and collaborative approach to delivering needs-led outcomes. 

Renae is motivated by her personal experience of disasters, belief in the positive contribution the business sector can make, her knowledge of community needs and understanding of government responsibilities. 

A recognised leader of forward-thinking approaches, processes and partnerships, Renae is steering the Resilient Australia Alliance towards its mission to build vital disaster preparedness and resilience capabilities in every business leader, owner and operator across Australia.   

With an extensive local, national and international network, Renae has an MBA, is an iap2 certified practitioner and participates on a number of disaster-related advisory committees. Renae also hosts the ‘Doing Disasters Differently’ podcast because disasters are changing and we need to change too.