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Robert Fraser

Mr Robert Fraser

South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service

Robert Fraser is an Operational Commander with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service and has over 34 years’ experience including two years with the Learning and Development Department.  Currently stationed in the Northern Command he has a passion for Operations and enjoys the challenges of leading and managing the stations within his Command.  

With a focus on serving the community and continuous improvement, in 2019 an operational need was identified to address the method by which solar installers are requested to attend emergency incidents when required.  

This involved developing a plan to establish a contracted list of emergency response solar installers (ERSI’s) that could be contacted to respond to assist at incidents where solar array and battery energy storage systems are compromised creating a risk to emergency responders. 

The objective has been achieved. A well-prepared response capability with known protocols and contractual arrangements has been established for the South Australian Emergency Services Sector due to the initiative and the support provided by the MFS and SAFECOM management.