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Robin Miles

Ms Robin Miles

Social Equity Works

Robin MILES is the Director of Social Equity Works (2010-current) and Principal Consultant with the Miller Group (2010-current). 

Robin is an experienced social researcher, strategist and evaluator. Robin has a specialist interest in supporting NGO services and other agencies with capacity building through the application of social research, evaluation, QA, strategy and planning and supports services to build service improvement and achieve impact. 

Robin was an integral member of the ACT! Preparing Older People for Emergencies project team, from 2018-2020. The team comprised of key staff from MOW NSW, FRNSW, Resilience NSW, Australian Red Cross, NSW RFS and NSW SES and Robin worked as the embedded evaluator. 

Robin has developed an interest and expertise in the improvement of emergency responses to communities in NSW including recovery and preparedness for bush and house fire through her evaluation work with emergency services between 2014 and 2020: including the Red Cross Blue Mountains Bushfire Recovery Program (Red Cross), Get Ready Emergency Preparedness for the Deaf Community (NSW Deaf Society), Beyond the Emergency Assembly Point (NSW RFS and Red Cross), SeniorEd (FRNSW) and Supporting Vulnerable Parents and Carers with their Emergency Preparedness (NSW RFS and Red Cross). 

As the Manager of TAFE NSW state-wide Women’s Program from 2000-2009 Robin presented at numerous State and National fora on the vocational education of women and girls. She recently co-authored an article in Fine Print on her research into the impact of literacy support work, with adults who have beginning literacy needs, on community service providers. This research also took into consideration supports required for people to fill in emergency recovery forms post the 2019/2020 bushfires.