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Samuel Holt

Dr Samuel Holt


Sam is currently part of the Research & Development Team at Aerometrex, working closely with various stakeholders across the government & private sectors.  

Sam has a strong foundation in Earth Sciences and a keen interest in the acquisition and processing of 3D geospatial datasets. He completed a PhD in Physical Volcanology and Bachelor of Science with Honours in Geology and Geophysics before pursuing his keen interest in remote sensing of the natural and urban environment by completing his Graduate Diploma in GIS & Remote Sensing. 

He is passionate about building actionable information and solutions using geospatial data to enable environmental management experts and policymakers to build community resilience to a wide range of environmental hazards. Over the past year, Sam has led the development of Airborne LIDAR-derived methodologies aimed at helping model and mitigate the risks associated with bushfires and flooding.