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Tammy Jones

Tammy Jones

Australian Red Cross

Tammy Jones is a Resilience Project Officer for Red Cross Emergency Services NSW. Prior to this she spent 16 years as a Red Cross volunteer. Tammy understands that when people experience trauma or severe stressors during an emergency, their lives often unravel. She is passionate about helping people at their most vulnerable by providing support and empowering them with skills to help them move forward. 

A respected trainer and facilitator, Tammy’s comprehensive training underpins her belief that different clients often require a different approach. She is trained in a range of modalities across the fields of mental health, domestic violence, suicide prevention, trauma-informed practice with families, and working effectively with culturally diverse clients. 

Over the last two years Tammy has partnered with agencies such as the SES and RFS to develop and modify the way communities look at preparing for disasters. She has empowered communities to prepare for the next emergency both physically and psychologically and assisted communities to lead their own recovery in working alongside welfare agencies. Tammy considers herself a change agent, developing positive and collaborative partnerships with stakeholders as the basis for change. Her interest is to drive strategic quality improvements based on contemporary developments in this critical area.