AFAC19 powered by INTERSCHUTZ | 27-30 August 2019 | Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre | #AFAC19

Live Demonstrations

Live Demonstrations

Our Live Demonstration program will be taking place in the loading dock of the MCEC. There will also be a range of vintage appliances on display, from both Victoria and New Zealand, in this area as well as in various locations throughout the exhibition. To view the live demonstrations you need to register for a free exhibition visitor pass, or a conference delegate pass. You can register here.

You can also view the full timetable of the Live Demonstrations.

ARRO – Road Crash Rescue

The Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) Road Crash Rescue (RCR) demonstration will feature a Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) road rescue team perform a rescue of a casualty entrapped within a vehicle. The entrapment is created by the compression of the bodywork around the casualty which in this case is simulated by the collision of the vehicle into a standing object, a power pole. To perform the rescue in a timely manner, the team must winch the car sideways, clear of the pole so the rescue work (disentanglement and extrication) can be undertaken. The team will demonstrate how to overcome the problem of a damaged/deflated tyre digging into the ground when winching a car sideways. The casualty will have a dummy arm, this dummy arm will be trapped by compression between the B Post and the seat. The rescue team will release the entrapment, create an egress path and remove the casualty. During the demonstration, ARRO assessors will provide a commentary as to the objectives and tactics being deployed by the crew.

Resqtec: Pneumatic Lifting Bags

In the event of a major crash be it on a motorway or major roads, there exists the possibility of passenger vehicles being entrapped under heavy vehicles. Initial stabilization of the heavy vehicle is a priority to allow for safe access to the patients by paramedics. Relocation of a passenger vehicle from under a heavy vehicle to allow for an extrication, requires initial stabilisation and a further removal of the weight of the heavy vehicle off the passenger vehicle. This can be achieved relatively quickly with the use of New Technology Lifting bags from Resqtec.

Edge Training & Simulation

Edge Training and Simulations Bell 206 Helicopter has been specially engineered to make it possible to replicate a range of aviation incidents, including engine fire, Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness and forced landing into terrain. The helicopter can be co-figured as a whole aircraft or separate to create a crash with realistic debris. The helicopter is also fitted with smoke and flame machines and can produce 33,000 cubic feet of smoke a minute allowing for a realistic fire response to an incident. Crews can force entry into the helicopter, cut harnesses and work through correct stabilisation and rescue procedures for rotary wing aircraft. The helicopter will be on display at AFAC 2019 and all are welcome to stop by and have a look or sit in it.

Smokeshield Australia: The Trifire System

Smokeshield Australia will be demonstrating their Military Approved and Gas Authority Certified Training Systems. The Trifire System is manufactured in Denmark and was developed to provide all a system with unparalleled quality, conclusive safety features and proven and documented performance. Manufactured to handle the rigours of all manner of training from fundamental blanket training to full hose training, these systems are without doubt the toughest units available for fire training in Australia today.

Deployment of the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System (HFIS)

Humanihut will demonstrate the deployment of the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System (HFIS). The HFIS is deployed rapidly to accommodate numerous operational roles for a range of applications including emergency management command and control. It can be transformed into many applications including accommodation, health and storage.

The Humanihut Team, with the SA SES, will position and establish a small HFIS consisting of two huts and a bathroom that will be transformed into accommodation able to sleep up to 16. After the demonstration there will be further opportunity to explore the system and ascertain its suitability for the; observers operational requirements.

FTS – Environmental Monitoring Systems

FTS and their Australian distributor ESS Weathertech are excited to provide you with a live demonstration of our semi-permanent Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS), which are used globally for fire weather monitoring. The RAWS is designed specifically with the interests of fire and fuels management agencies for use in remote areas. The live demonstration includes a detailed introduction to the RAWS equipment. This will be a presentation to run through the associated sensors and capabilities of the station and to showcase the benefits of this system in comparison to the portable unit that we have on display at our booth stand no. 424.

Chubb Fire and Security: Angus Fire Coolfire Unit

Coolfire is the latest firefighting technology provided by Angus Fire, this cold cutting system has been developed using the latest in engineering, technology and materials. The concept is to provide a greater degree of safety for today’s fire fighters by mitigating exposure and risk. Coolfire uses its unique high pressure system to penetrate materials quickly allowing firefighters to first control the fire from a building’s exterior. The demonstration will show the power and speed that the unit can penetrate differing materials whilst exhibiting its compactness and portability including rapid deployment and recovery.

Oilex Absolute Spill Solution

Oilex International GmbH and its local partner Drivetrain Australia are proud to introduce to AFAC Oilex absolute spill solutions. The Oilex live demonstration reveals an extremely effective organic binding agent that can be applied to any surface to control liquid spills typically encountered by emergency services. The demonstration will simulate spills of diesel fuel, motor oil and engine coolant on asphalt, concrete and water. Oilex will encapsulate the absorbed contaminates and demonstrate how the surfaces and environment can be quickly and efficiently cleaned and returned to pre spill adhesion conditions.

Deployed Logic (DLX): X-Series Shelter & Hub

The X-Series Shelter gives you the same rapid reliability as the ASAP Rapid Shelter but with a larger footprint and infinitely expandable options. With a quick connecting weatherproof system, it doesn’t require narrow vestibules, giving you the versatility that your deployments require. DLX designed the ASAP Rapid Shelter to be deployed in 60 seconds with just two people, minimizing deployment time and personnel requirements in any field application. From packing and unloading and all the way through field setup, the ASAP makes your deployments fast and easy so you can focus on what matters: saving lives.

Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA): FirstLook360

Mechanical articulating rescue cameras are a thing of the past. The future of search is here with #FirstLook360 – Wireless 360° Spherical Imaging for USAR and all Technical Rescue applications. Search an entire void space in seconds!! Wireless spherical 360° imaging for Rescue Squads? Absolutely!!! Add FirstLook360 the latest tool in visual technologies to your Rescue Squad vehicle to give you and your team a better look before you begin any technical rescue application.

Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA): Resolve SORS

FRSA in conjunction with Agilent Technologies will be conducting live demonstrations on stand #528. The Resolve utilising the proprietary handheld spatially offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) technology is the world’s only handheld Raman system that enable true through barrier identification of hazardous or contraband materials. Watch as the Resolve rapidly detects and identifies materials from comprehensive libraries including explosives, precursors, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents and narcotics.

Draeger Australia: Increasing Firefighter Safety – Live HAZMAT demonstration

See the Dräger man suited up for protection and detection in a HAZMAT simulation which will demonstrate the analysis of volatile organic chemicals at a fuel spill site, using the latest in portable gas chromatograph technology, weighing in at less than 1 kg. The simulation will show how to measure and differentiate between industrial carcinogens like BTEX, Butadiene, ethylene oxide, acrolein and carbon disulphide within minutes and no lab analysis required.