AFAC18 powered by INTERSCHUTZ | 5-8 September 2018 | Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre | #AFAC18

Live Demonstrations


Live Demonstrations

Our Live Demonstration program will be taking place in Pavilion 4 of the PCEC. There will also be a range of DFES vintage appliances on display in this area as well as in various locations throughout the exhibition.

CITIC / ENGYTECH – RXR Mobile Reconnaissance & Firefighting Vehicle

Thursday, 6 September: 10:00am / 3:45pm
Friday, 7 September: 10:45am / 2:15pm

At AFAC18, CITIC and ENGYTECH will provide a demonstration of the RXR mobile reconnaissance and firefighting vehicle. A brief description of the vehicle and its underlying features will be given to start, followed by a short presentation of robot’s basic movements. During the presentation and platform traversing, a live video feed for the use of the controller will be presented on the screen. This will be followed by a demonstration of the camera movements, applied alarms and the robot’s other specific emergency response features. The session will conclude with questions from the audience and details on how to find out more.

Husqvarna DXR140 Demolition Robot

Thursday, 6 September: 9:30am / 10:45am / 3:15pm
Friday, 7 September: 2:30pm

The Husqvarna DXR140 is the company’s most compact remote-controlled demolition robot and features a 360 degree rotatable arm. With 15kW power and a light weight body, it is a powerful machine that has been specifically developed for demolition work in cramped spaces where jobs often require a manoeuvrable and compact machine with high demolition efficiency. The DXR140 is a versatile demolition robot and can be combined with a variety of tools such as hammers, crushers and steel shearers. See what the Husqvarna DXR140 can do during this exciting Live Demonstration.

PVStop – Solar Solution

Thursday, 6 September: 11:15am / 12:45pm / 3:30pm
Friday, 7 September: 10:15am / 1:15pm

Ten years ago, it would have been unlikely for fire and emergency services agencies to attend an incident involving a PV array. Today, with over 1.6 million residential solar systems alone, these agencies are responding to such incidents on a weekly basis. In this demonstration, the team will outline the operational concerns that PV technology is creating for emergency services. They will discuss the current risks associated with solar PV systems and demonstrate the new solution – PVStop. PVStop is the only fast, effective and safe solution that significantly improves both operational procedures and firefighter safety.

Deakin University – FLAIM Trainer

Thursday, 6 September: 11:35am / 1:30pm
Friday, 7 September: 1:30pm

FLAIM Trainer was designed and developed by volunteer firefighter and Associate Professor – James Mullins – within the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) at Deakin University. It is a firefigher training simulator which provides an immersive virtual reality environment combined with a patented haptics feedback system, breathing apparatus and heated personal protective clothing for a life-like experience. FLAIM Trainer is a safe, mobile, low-cost and distributed solution that can simulate a range of fire events and conditions, providing a unique training experience not yet replicated.

Fire System Supplies – Deployed Logix ASAP18 Shelter

Thursday, 6 September: 1:45pm
Friday, 7 September: 10:30am

At AFAC18, Fire System Supplies will be demonstrating the setting up and packing down of the ASAP18 Shelter manufactured by Deployed Logix. During the demonstration, the team will
also be highlighting the ease of the product’s deployment along with its addition, including an insulation liner, lighting, power supplies and HVAC. This demonstration will depict how versatile and user-friendly ASAP18 Shelters are and how easy it is to establish start-to-finish deployment solutions for first response, law enforcement, military and medical groups.

ARRO – Road Crash Rescue

Thursday, 6 September: 1:00pm
Friday, 7 September: 1:45pm

The Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) Road Crash Rescue (RCR) demonstration will feature a Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DEFS) road rescue team perform the rescue of a casualty trapped within a vehicle. The entrapment is created by the compression of the bodywork around the casualty which in this case is simulated by the collision of the vehicle into a power pole. The team will demonstrate how to overcome the problem of a damaged/deflated tyre digging into the ground when winching a car sideways. During the demonstration, ARRO assessors will provide a commentary as to the objectives and tactics being deployed by the crew.

Roadrunner Parts – Foxfury Nomad 360

Thursday, 6 September: 11:30am
Friday, 7 September: 1:00pm

The Foxfury Nomad 360 is a powerful, portable, rechargeable LED area, spot and scene light that a single person can transport anywhere and deploy in less than a minute. Roadrunner Parts will demonstrate the power and portability of the Nomad 360, as well as its ease of deployment. It is their intention to impress upon the audience the speed and dependability with which any area can be well-lit without the need of cables, generators or laborious setup. To this end, the demonstration will include the full deployment of a Nomad 360 Lighting Tower from its compact storage cylinder, running through the full complement of lighting functions and alternate configurations.