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Firestory™, first-of-its-kind Cloud-based data and AI platform for bushfire management and prevention, to demo at AFAC

Australians know all too well that bushfires are devastatingly dynamic. Often, the systems that support our firefighting efforts can’t move as quickly, and are encumbered by manual processes, including paper, outdated technology and human-intuition based decision making. When the team at Australian technology company, Kablamo, witnessed the Black Summer of 2019-2020, they committed themselves to using their specialist knowledge to help in the fight against Australian bushfires.

The result is Firestory™, a first-of-it-kind cloud-based data and AI platform for bushfire management, prediction and prevention. 

Firestory™  turns the near limitless data that informs Australia’s bushfire responses into a single source of actionable intelligence. This valuable data is underpinned by a mapping system that stores information in layers, allowing users to toggle between different views to customise what they see. From roads and critical infrastructure details to weather prediction systems, Firestory provides relevant and timely information to enable data-led decision making in real time

“I’ve been a firefighter for more than four decades and the need for systems that support our firies in their moments of greatest need is critical for Australia. We have the technology to do amazing things, save lives, property and wildlife, and we need overarching technology that can deliver clear, actionable information for decision-making in critical moments,” said Graeme Thom AFSM and one of Australia’s most respected authorities on fire fighting.

Kablamo recently built a cloud-native, bushfire risk assessment platform with the Victorian Government’s Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning. The project was recently recognised by Amazon Web Services as a world-leading implementation of cloud technology for bushfires, awarded the 2021 AWS Global Public Sector Partners Award for Most Innovative AI and ML solution. The project was also recently awarded Best Tech Innovation at the 2021 Finder Innovation Awards and a Gold award from the DRIVENxDESIGN Awards Program. It is also a finalist in the 2021 CRN Impact Awards.

“We spent almost two years learning everything we could about bushfire fighting from fire-fighting units, researchers and fire analysts, and immersing ourselves in the culture and needs of the firefighting community. Technology won’t work if it isn’t user-friendly,” said Angus Dorney, co-CEO of Kablamo.

“Firestory provides a single source of intelligence and insights for the prediction, management and prevention of bushfires. The cloud-based platform turns almost limitless amounts of bushfire data into decision-making intelligence.”

Firestory is designed for Bushfire Analysts, Fire Scientists, Incident Controllers and Operations Managers, and in future the same real time information can be rolled out to front line fire fighters to meet them where they actually are so they and the firefighting management are best supported in this incredibly valuable and heroic work.”

As a cloud-based system, Firestory allows the many separate but connected authorities to access the same comprehensive data-set to make crucial decisions. Users can take a macro view of current fire situations, examine historical fires, or make data-informed sandbox predictions.

Firestory is adaptable and ready to use for the bushfire season ahead, with plug-and-play functionality for existing fire prediction models, like Spark.

To connect with Kablamo, visit the virtual exhibition by selecting the banner in the main lobby titled EXHIBITION.  Simply select Kablamo to view their profile information, interact with their brochures and videos, and even schedule an impromptu live chat or live video meeting with a team member.

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About Kablamo

Kablamo is a leading Cloud product development and data engineering company, with a strong software engineering and automation focus. Many of the engineers at Kablamo developed their skills in the media industry and the company now applies this digital product and software development expertise to a broad range of enterprises. The main areas of expertise include greenfield cloud application development, video and streaming applications, content and digital asset management systems and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Kablamo is an AWS Machine Learning Consulting Partner and has been awarded the 2021 Global Public Sector Award for Most Innovative AI and ML Solution. Learn more at