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Session information

12:10 - 12:40

22 years of performance based fire engineering: where did it get us?

Performance based fire engineering in Australian is officially 22 years old. What have we learnt in that time? What did we get right in moving to a performance based code, and what did we get wrong? What has changed over those 22 years? What are the successes and where are the current challenges? The presentation will reflect on 22 years of experience in performance based fire engineering and examine the state of professional practice and that of those reviewing, approving and building fire safety designs. It will examine the drivers of various stakeholders and explore some of the reasons why fire engineering remains a somewhat controversial profession, the needs of the market in the future and how we might get to a desirable future position. The presentation will be a positive one, noting the issues but also celebrating the positive outcomes that have been achieved with performance based design; the exemplary projects and the societal benefits that can be achieved when we get this right. Finally it will make the case for the increased use of performance based design and why the broad fire safety industry remains, despite all the challenges, a fulfilling and positively impactful industry in which to work.