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Hubert Chanson

Professor In Hydraulic Engineering, The University Of Queensland

About Hubert Chanson

Hubert Chanson is Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Queensland, where he has been since 1990, having previously enjoyed an industrial career for six years. His main field of expertise is environmental fluid mechanics and hydraulic engineering, both in terms of theoretical fundamentals, physical and numerical modelling. He leads a group of 5-10 researchers, largely targeting flows around hydraulic structures, two-phase (gas-liquid and solid-liquid) free-surface flows, turbulence in steady and unsteady open channel flows, using computation, lab-scale experiments, field work and analysis. He has published over 850 peer reviewed publications and 20 books. He serves on the editorial boards of International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Coastal Engineering Journal and Environmental Fluid Mechanics, the latter of which he is currently a senior Editor. He chairs the Organisation of the 22nd Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference in Brisbane, Australia to be held on 6-10 December 2020.

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