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Dr. Lance O’Sullivan

About Dr. Lance O’Sullivan

Dr Lance O’Sullivan is a leading medical innovator pursuing the goal of increasing access to quality health care using emerging digital technologies. Concepts such as cloud, mobility, artificial intelligence, digital humans, internet of things and blockchain are not typically taught at medical schools and yet Lance believes the time has come for them to be. “The tools of my trade that will allow the greatest impact on the health of our country have changed”. Lance believes there is a big enough clinical knowledge base to have exponential improvements in the health and well-being of all NZ’ers if we can create more digital bridges separating the patient from the care. Lance has been recognised nationally for being an disruptor and champion for ensuring that health care is delivered to the most important of our society-children particularly those with high health and social needs. Lance lives by the famous quote of Sir Fredrick Douglas that reflects the value of our children. He created NZ’s first digital health program (iMOKO™) for children across the country that delivers health services to communities of children in minutes and hours rather that hours and days. Lance is a passionate son of NZ that wants to see our country lead the way in the delivery of innovative models of care that provides MORE care to MORE people of HIGHER quality for LESS cost resulting in a FAIRER society

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Positive disruptive leadership

08:30 - 09:15