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Victor Steffensen

Managing Director, Mulong Productions

About Victor Steffensen

Victor Steffensen is an Indigenous film maker, musician, and consultant in applying traditional knowledge values into a changing world through creative practical and artistic projects. He is a descendant of the Tagalaka people through his mother’s connections from the gulf country of North Queensland. He has a great passion for reviving Aboriginal knowledge, traditions, and values to be taught in schools and mainstream management practices. With a powerful combination of film and knowledge, his teachings apply methods that are groundbreaking to social and environmental advancement. This is measured by a long history of working with many communities from all over Australia and other parts of the world. A lot of his work to date has lead to an extensive history of reapplying indigenous fire knowledge back into culture and country. For over twenty years he has implemented and mentored indigenous fire projects within six states around Australia and abroad. Throughout Australia, Victor plays a strong role as a indigenous fire practitioner and continues to influence indigenous and non-indigenous people with the practice. He is driven by a vision to see Indigenous knowledge play a major role in the future mainstream management and society. He particularly encourages more investment and training for the youth to take indigenous burning into the future. As a result Victor has developed the award winning Living Knowledge Place as an education resource to help make this a reality for all future generations.

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