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Donna Wheatley

Commander, Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) in Melbourne.

About Donna Wheatley

Donna Wheatley is a Commander with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) in Melbourne. She has worked as a Firefighter since 2003, prior to that, filling a number of corporate positions at MFB from 1998. As one of the first two women to achieve the rank of Commander at MFB, Donna demonstrates visible leadership around organisational values, diversity and inclusion across the sector. Donna has a professional background in Psychotherapy with a keen interest in systems theory and person centred counselling. Donna worked as an advocate in gendered social programs for some years before turning her career to firefighting. Donna has been involved with Women And Firefighting Australasia (WAFA) since she presented at their biennial conference in 2012 and volunteered to join the Board as a result of the personal inspiration the conference provided her. As Board President, Donna led the team to deliver the 2018 conference in Wellington, New Zealand. With the largest delegation and the most ambitious program ever achieved by WAFA in 12 years of creating the event, illustrating the need and appetite for the unique support WAFA provides.

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