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Gordon Hall

Sesva President Esm, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, WA

About Gordon Hall

Gordon Hall commenced as an SES Volunteer in WA in 1993. During this time, he was involved in a number of searches, SES operations and fire support to a number of incidents. Gordon has been involved in the WA SES Volunteers Association since 1995 and was appointed by the Minister as an SES Consultative Committee representative. He was appointed to the first FESA Board, in January 1999, as the Representative from the State Emergency Service and later that year was appointed as a Director with FESA. During that period, he was involved in a number of operations including floods, storms and cyclones. Gordon also played a key role in the national tsunami planning and community engagement after the 2004 tsunami. After thirteen years with FESA he retired (2011). Since retirement Gordon was elected President of the WA SESVA (2013) and serves as the Chair of the WA SES Volunteer Advisory Committee. In 2018 Gordon was elected as the Chair of the NSESVA.

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